Missing in Action

So, apparently it takes a sick day for me to blog!  It has been 12 weeks, give or take, since my last confession, blog post.

Married life, working life and being a bit less antisocial, makes for a busy time.  I am still here, I just tend to be a quiet observer, keeping up to date on my favourite blogs, but not taking the time to blog myself!  I guess there is a lot of value in taking a blogging break:)

Here is a snapshot:

– Reconnecting with a super old friend, and it being awesome:) (when you aren’t sure if you are like-minded, and then find out that you have WAY more in common than you expected)
– Picking up some research work (probably my least favourite thing in the world, but hey, when they won’t take no for an answer, what do you do?)
– Married life, social commitments, and friend stuff.
– Finalising a publication:)  and also finishing up on the final stages in career development (for now)
– Some adventures eating out – Grazing at Gundaroo, I heart you.
– Taking an impromptu trip to Thailand with a couple of girlfriends.  Yep it was really needed (think beach, massages, fun)
– Not being able to help myself and planning my next block of leave/holiday (what can I say, I need my downtime)
– Finding small things in life that make a big difference
– A couple of shiny new purchases (why hello soon to be delivered King Furniture chair, and my new Macbook Air – which I have no idea what I am doing with – ha!)
– Some new favourite TV shows, Suits, new Breaking Bad, and I have started Arrested Development from the very beginning!
– Saying goodbye to 12WBT (more to come on that soon)

So there you have it, in a nutshell.

12WBT Round Two

So 12WBT round one 2013 has come and gone. Amazing how quickly 12 weeks passes by.

After some success last round, I have decided to sign up again to consolidate what I have learned and lose another few kilos.

The dexa scan has really helped with my goals and expectations for my weight/health. According to the dexa I have excellent bone density, good muscle mass, but could do to lose a bit more fat.

This round I really need to tighten up and build some muscle. Last round I did zero weight training. And zero running. So this round, along with the weight loss goal, I want to focus on fitness oriented goals too.

For the 12wbters reading, yes I am little late to the party this round. Tomorrow is week 2(!) weigh in. Unfortunately I have been sick since returning from Thailand (typical, right?!). But I finally feel like I am pulling through and readying smash it:)

So what are my goals this round? Not in any particular order-

– lose around 5kg
– stick to the nutrition plan
– start lifting
– weekly hot yoga
– run 5km (I reckon I may stretch that to 10km)

And … Go!!!!

As the weather is getting colder, I have been looking for warmer breakfast options, moving away from my favourite 12WBT banana bruschetta.  Always a fan of oats and porridge, Table of Plenty’s new Hot or Cold Muesli is a great quick option.


I have tried it cold…I love the crunch!


And hot…perfect on its own and hits the spot! 90 seconds later –


And hot with added banana and cinnamon…!


Definitely a yummy winter breakfast, and I am happy with the calorie content and nutritional stats, fitting in to my new 12WBT regime.

Must try it with berries next, I think!

Note:  This product was sent  to me for consideration.  All opinions are my own.

Oops where has April disappeared to?  Following Easter I held strong with my 12WBT exercise, especially the Super Saturday Sessions (SSS).  This past weekend however, life got in the way, and I actually missed it!  Now, I don’t think I really missed the ‘during’, but the ‘after’ and the sense of accomplishment!😉

A couple of weeks ago I did a 13.6km SSS, kinda by accident.  I wasn’t really feeling it, but I thought I would head out with Mr. J and aim for 5km.  Well, when I finally decided to turn back, we had passed the 6.5km mark!  I actually got a little sun burnt, because I did not expect to be out for so long.  Yes, by the end and almost 2 and a half hours later, I was totally over it, but hey it was awesome!  And of course, I wasn’t complaining with the calorie burn:


The following weekend, unfortunately I was feeling the same – just a bit off, and a bit over it.  But what does MB say?  JFDI.  So off we went to Hackett walking tracks, and decided to see where the road took us.

Well,… it took us up Mt Ainslie – a first for me:)

MtAinslieMapA pretty easy walk, other than the elevation!

MtAinslieElevationIsn’t it pretty? ;)  Haha…
According to Runkeeper, it was a personal best for elevation –



Mt Ainslie – definitely recommended.  Get out there and feel the burn😉:) and check out the lovely views


And the winner is – Angela, who said:

Weather is getting warmer, so my challenge is: to get outside and get some Rays for at least a hr everyday.
Natural source of Vitamin D too.

Angela, I have sent your details to SlimKicker, who will be in contact with you  :)

Thanks to those who entered!!

I was so excited for a low-key long weekend, staying at home, no need to rush with the Easter traffic, and no need to over-indulge on Easter treats ;)  So I set out for relaxation, and that’s exactly what I got.

Sleep ins – tick
Exercise – tick
Quality time with my husband – tick
Some indulgence – tick

Friday, I slept in, made a lovely brunch for myself and Mr. J – can’t go wrong with bacon and eggs.


Look at that perfectly cooked egg!  ;)  Anyway(!)  Chillaxed, made some hot cross buns, went for a walk in the sunshine with husband and later I went to Zumba.  I *love that my classes were still held over the long weekend.  Great chance to get out there and do more to make up for the extra treats.


My hot cross buns were babies – the 12WBT recipe called for 15, I made 20.  So they look a little knobbly, but were even more snack friendly!  I didn’t get a good ‘after’ pic, cause we were too busy eating them:)

Saturday was another sleep in, and I met a gf for chats before Samba Fitness.  Another yummy brunch, before heading out to the shops – Funny how it gets so busy over a long weekend when people can’t go the day before/after (Good Fri/Easter Sun). We scored a
couple of bargains though, and I enjoyed having a leisurely tea and sharing a junior spoil at Koko Black.


Saturday night I made pizza, even the dough(!) and we had a movie night at home.  Talk about domestic goddess; well I try😉

Sunday the weather was not looking to good, but I dragged Mr. J out to the Lake and we took it fairly easy, but tried to maintain a good pace for 10km.  We were a little slow while checking out the new developments on the Kingston Foreshore – pretty crazy.  Although it
was a little chilly, and threatened to rain; the temp was better for a good pace, and it stayed clear.

CaloriesBurnedNot overly speedy, but good amount for calories burned.

Monday was more relaxation, interspersed with washing😛 and the threat of going back to reality (work) the next day.  Some cleaning and then Samba that night.

Farewell long weekend, see you again in June 😉

I have been at this health and fitness thing for a while now.  Motivation comes and goes, and I have been learning about what works, and doesn’t work for me.  I find anything that has immediate feedback is more likely to keep me interested😉

Recently I was introduced to a free health and fitness app – SlimKicker. The website and app uses people’s fitness and health related goals and turns them into a game with challenges, such as quitting chocolate for a week 😉

SlimKicker also has a lot of recipe ideas such as this chicken soup recipe.  It’s starting to get chilly, and soups are a great healthy lunch idea.

So, SlimKicker are on the hunt for new challenge ideas and in exchange for your ideas, you could win this slow cooker –

To be in the running:
• Sign up to SlimKicker – Check it out, it’s free:)
• Follow me on twitter and tweet about this competition – SecretLifeJen
• Leave a comment on this post with a great fitness or health challenge idea … for example – “doing 10 pushups every day for 1 week” or “doing squats between commercials” or “drinking a glass of water before every meal” – I could go on(!) But over to you, give me your ideas!

SlimKicker will choose their favourite challenge idea after one week, and use it on their site, so entries close next Sunday 14th April, 2013.   SlimKicker has offered this competition to US and Australian readers – so my Aussie readers, go for it!

The winner will be announced here on the blog and I will forward the winner’s details to SlimKicker to post the slow cooker – perfect timing for this winter-y weather :)

Note: No remuneration was received for this post.


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